Mission statement and terms thereof

  • To encourage and promote networking between local trades and businesses who work out of or live within the area encompassing Sawtry and surrounding villages.
  • The SSBP will be a Non Political group.
  • The SSBP will be a Not For Profit group.
  • There will be an annual subscription of £60.00 for the year to cover expenses and costs. Figures of all financial activity will be open to view by all members.
  • A Committee of five officers will oversee group activities. Decisions and actions where necessary will be decided by a committee vote.
  • The Committee will consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Recruitment Officer and Secretary.
  • Expenses and costs claimed from the group funds will be agreed by the Committee prior to being paid. There will be two signatories on the SSBP bank account.
  • Members of the Committee will not be held personally responsible for any debt or third party claim brought upon the SSBP.
  • Intentions of the SSBP are to produce an annual directory available to as many people and businesses as possible.
  • An ongoing updated dedicated web site.
  • Monthly meetings and other promotional activities.
  • All activities and benefits subject to funds available.

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