SSBP Mission Statement


Mission statement and terms thereof

  • To encourage and promote networking between local trades and businesses who work out of or live within the area encompassing Sawtry and surrounding villages.
  • The SSBP will be a Non Political group.
  • The SSBP will be a Not For Profit group.
  • There will be an annual subscription of £50.00 for the year September to August (pa) to cover expenses and costs. Any funds over at the end of the financial year will be allocated to local charity decided by the acting partnership officials. Figures of all financial activity will be open to view by all members.
  • The financial year will run September to August with a 12 month subscription paid in advance.
  • A Committee of five officers will oversee group activities. Decisions and actions where necessary will be decided by a committee vote.
  • The Committee will consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Recruitment Officer and Secretary.
  • Expenses and costs claimed from the group funds will be agreed by the Committee prior to being paid. There will be two signatories on the SSBP bank account.
  • Members of the Committee will not be held personally responsible for any debt or third party claim brought upon the SSBP.
  • Intentions of the SSBP are to produce an annual directory available to as many people and businesses as possible.
  • An ongoing updated dedicated web site.
  • Monthly meetings and other promotional activities.
  • All activities and benefits subject to funds available.

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