About the SSBP


The SSBP would like to make sure that every resident and business person in our surrounding areas (and beyond) have access to the contact details of local trades people. This can be created in many ways.

The Business Partnership provides the opportunity for local entrepreneurs and trades to network and spread the word. AND this is the vision :

  • A Monthly meeting, held on the first Tuesday of every month at the Sawtry Working Men’s Club at 7pm for 7.30pm. Giving members a chance to get together and network, pass on referrals and share relevant knowledge. There is no dress code !!
  • A Members Directory delivered to about 5000 house with a full description of the services on offer from each and every member plus joint advertising projects and marketing opportunities.
  • The SSBP web site www.ssbpartnership.org with all members details and huge opportunities to reach your target audience. A web presence marketing only LOCAL people BUT to the whole global interaction.
  • Links to other Business Clubs.
  • Members only ‘ For Sale or Wanted ‘ area on site. This would be for items no longer needed, machinery required, help with particular projects or simply vacancies to be filled.
  • A Barter/trade off club: some members might quite simply offer or have what you want and vice versa…..very tax efficient!

All of this for just a £50 annual membership which equates to most other business clubs monthly charge. In these troubled economic times the possibilities are endless and because it is a members partnership, ideas, projects and future benefits will all come from the people who join.

The Partnership is a joint venture which has been created by Ralph Maloney and David Blackett. Both Ralph and David welcome your comments and involvement and believe that business people/entrepreneurs who pull together now will have a much better chance of surviving the problems we all face rather than going alone.

To become a member or discuss any aspect of the Partnership please call Ralph on 01487 832683.

We welcome your support and any positive comments and WANT to hear from you.

The SSBP seeking to promote and benefit those who have the motivation and ambition to be self employed.