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Business Name: Sawtry Marquees Limited
Business Type: Service
Star Rating: *****
Locality: Sawtry
Patch: Local
Key Info: Marquees and Furniture
Key Areas: Private and Corporate Marquee Hire

Business Description

Sawtry Marquees is a family run business. We enjoy providing marquees and will always give you an honest solution for your party, from the initial free site consultation through to installation and removal.

Why should I use a marquee?
More and more people are making use of their house and garden space to host their special celebrations, rather than their local village hall or hotel.

With a Marquee you will be able to hold your party in your own familiar surroundings by making use of your family/friends garden space.

You will have control over the start and finish of your party and do not have the constraints imposed on you when the Village Hall wishes to lock up or the Hotel or Public House shuts the bar.

A marquee will also solve the weather issue. No matter what the day throws at you, you will be safe in the knowledge that your guests are protected from the weather elements.

Can the marquees work on hard standing?
YES. We use a ground bar kit on all of our marquees which provide that extra stability.

What size marquee do I need?
The size will depend firstly the area you have available and then the amount of guests invited and what furniture you require.

Our marquee sizes range from 3m x 2m (10’ x 6.5’) up to 6m x 12m (20’ x 40’) and can be added together to create larger marquees or different areas.

At Sawtry Marquees Limited we use framed structured marquees, which when space is a premium are perfect as they stand in their own footprint.

Can I just hire the marquee or furniture on it’s own?
YES. We hire round and trestle tables along with bistro chairs and dance floors.

How safe are the marquees?
Our canvasses are fire resistant and we use every precaution to ensure that the structure is secured soundly.

What else do Sawtry Marquees hire?
We have links with various entertainment companies and can act as a one stop shop for your marquees, bouncy castles, toilet hire amongst others.

Contact Details

4 Shawley Road
PE28 5UH

Tel: 01487 831852
Mobile: 07989 222054


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