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Top Tips for Health + Wellbeing

June 2018

Keep a Diary or Scribble It Down

Letting off steam by writing down your feelings in a diary or poem can avoid stress build-up. Writing can reduce the amount of activity around the area of our brains that deal with stressful emotions. Spend some time on yourself doing nothing. Just read a book or magazine or simply watch the outside world.
I like to write poetry. Here is a poem I wrote about my business. Enjoy:

Moore Beauty by Louise, here is a brief of what I do
It’s much more than a job, it is what makes me happy too.

For non-invasive beauty, holistic treatments and much more
I can help relax your body, with my therapies galore.

If you’re going on a break and want a pre-trip beauty treat
I can wax you top to bottom, neaten hands, perk up those feet.

Revive your soul, and spirit, if a massage is what you need
Or indulging truffle facials, give your skin a real good feed.

I also offer tinting, to give your lashes and brows some clout
Or a pamper party full of fun, before that big night out.

Auricular Therapy also, Hopi candles for your ears
Or I can pierce your ears and nose, I guarantee there won’t be tears.

My prices are fair and reasonable, Gift Vouchers are available too
If you can’t get to my salon, then I can always come to you.

I like strong tea, no sugar, sometimes a coffee if you please
Thanks for listening to my pitch, I am Moore Beauty by Louise.