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Business Details

Business Name: Kimble’s Day Nursery
Support Business Type: Child Care/Day Nursery
Star Rating: *****
Locality: Sawtry
Patch: Local.

Business Description

Kimbles Day Nursery is a friendly, warm and stimulating setting where children can learn and develop the crucial skills for life.

We pride ourselves in providing a safe and welcoming environment and if you are looking for this for your child, then please come and see us.

Our aim is that your children gain the skills they need in a fun and positive way, whilst feeling safe,  valued and comfortable.

The building and garden layout was specifically designed and built around many years of experience. All health, safety and environmental measures are in place which includes:

* A professionally installed fire alarm system.
* Temperature controlled children’s water taps.
* Finger protectors on all doors.
* Digilock entry system on main doors.
* Daylight light system for the long winter months.
* Air conditioning for those hot summer days.
* Purpose built kitchen for food preparation including separate hand wash facilities.
* Professionally laid safety play surface that meets BS critical fall height standards.
* Professionally laid artificial grass area.
* Rainwater collection and a led lighting system to help us meet our environmental commitment
* Purpose built weatherproof buggy stores for those parents who wish to walk to the nursery.
* fenced areas for the children’s safety.

Recent News

Kimble’s Day Nursery are currently the First setting within the Village to implement Electronic Observations in to the Day to day life of the setting.

This new system is exciting as it provides parents with the opportunity to interact with their child’s learning and send in their own ‘postcards’ to help provide a holistic view of the child’s development.

Useful Information:
Laura Hurst

73 Fen Lane
Cambs PE28 5TL

Tel: 01487 479 689


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