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SAWTRY - "All Our Yesterdays"

(village history - an introduction)

An historic and thoroughly entertaining video

Back in 2002 a local independent film was produced in Sawtry to commemorate the Queensí Golden Jubilee.

It was made with the generous help of over one hundred villagers and by using old maps, photographs, computer wizardry and local interviews, all mixed with shots in, around and above the village it presented the history of an English village from the earliest records to present time.

This enjoyable, information-packed 45-minute production included a great deal of interest; it explained why, for example, the Romans were here, the origin of many a village road name and what Sawtry and the Civil War had in common. The film also uncovered the history behind countless local buildings, featured a 1900's pub tour, views from the air by helicopter, showed graphically how Sawtry had developed over the years and just what a sleepy place it was before "progress" came calling.

** Now Re-Mastered to DVD-R **

In addition to superior digital picture quality, the 2008-mastered DVD sports a full menu for instant, effortless track selection: no more shuttling back and forwards through a VHS tape trying to find a particular section. Every separate section is listed and easily selectable; just like a music CD disk.

** Additional Material Ė Historic Photograph Slideshow **

During production, many old photographs were uncovered. Some are included within the video but on the DVD this ADDITIONAL SLIDESHOW includes all the photographs currently available. Many date from the turn of the century and show Sawtry in a completely different light. It represents the largest single collection of Sawtry photographs accessible today.

** Available now Ė call 01487 832775 **

Purchase a copy today as, in addition to providing entertaining viewing and a permanent historic record, it also makes an ideal gift for relatives and friends living abroad. Available on either VHS or DVD.

UK DVD - £17.50 / USA & CANADA NTSC DVD - Coming Soon - Email For
Compatibility and Price Details
UK VHS TAPE - £17.50 / USA & CANADA VHS TAPE - £17.50  UK P&P- £1.50 / OVERSEAS P&P- £2.50

SAWTRY 2008 Detailed Street Map


LOST?? Quite frankly, we donít blame you!  With close on 100 roads in Sawtry, newcomers and visitors constantly face an uphill challenge to navigate around
the village but with this super-detailed map, thatís all a thing of the past.

Itís taken ages to complete and, yes, itís been updated once again so finding your way around has never been easier!


STEP 1:REAR OF MAP - Look at the index on the back of the map and pick out the road you need to find.

STEP 2: FRONT OF MAP - Make a note of the grid reference Ė e.g. for Church Causeway itís 21 J5 which means itís road number 21 in grid J5.

STEP 3: TOP OF MAP - From LEFT To RIGHT find the line thatís between J and K

STEP 4: LEFT OF MAP - From TOP to BOTTOM - Find the line thatís between 5 and 6

STEP 5: MAP GRID - Follow the ďlettersĒ line downwards and the ďnumbersĒ line across until both lines meet: the whole square to the left is square J5 - Bingo!

EXTRA - In addition to providing an accurate road and amenities resource, disoriented delivery drivers searching for one of the many farms around the village
will also benefit as easy-to-follow directions have also been included.


If you donít then having a Sawtry 2008 map at home will really help. Keep one in the car too as you never know when youíll need it So, if you ever get stopped by a lost soul, make their day and tell them just where to go!


Sawtry Laminated Map - £5.00 + £1 P&P ( Donít forget - free delivery within Sawtry village.)


Sawtry 2008 Village map - For more details contact: 01487 832775

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