Computer problems?

For immediate help call

01733 244544 

or   07974 975305

We offer the following services:

New computer systems built to customer requirements

Broadband internet set  up

Sharing of single broadband connection to more than one PC

Upgrade your PC to latest speeds without expense of buying new

Wireless internet access on laptops or PC

Wireless printing on your existing USB printer

On-site repair and maintenance

On-site training tailored to your needs

IT Consultancy - what do you want to achieve - we help you

We have discounted rates when you sign up to "PC Plan" Loyalty Discount Plan:
Standard Rates PC Plan Rates
First Hour labour: 55-00 First Hour Labour: 40-00
Additional Hours: 25-00 Additional Hours: 20-00

Monthly membership to "PC Plan" is charged at 40-00 per month and must be paid by standing order or in full in advance for one year. Email from here to seek further information and to join.

Solomon Robinson

7 Higney Road, Vale Drive,

Hampton Vale, Peterborough. PE7 8LZ

Mobile: 07974 975305

Landline: 01733 244544

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