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The Green
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Until the early 1960s, Sawtry consisted mainly of dwellings on Glatton Road, High Street, Church Street, The Green and Gidding Road.

Following a housing shortage during and after the Second World War, "prefabs" were erected on Park Road. It was not until the mid 1990s that they were largely removed for a more modern development. One "prefab" remains to this day and is a well-loved home.

Warren Croft and the development of Tinkers Lane were completed in 1999. In 2000, the land which used to house Duncan's Coach Yard off Glatton Road was sold and Chapman Grove was completed. 

Some infilling building on available plots has been possible. However, most land is now built on. The work now is largely of restoration of "old Sawtry" dwellings. Some excellent work to that effect has been carried out on Church Street, notably two houses and the old Church Hall recently purchased and renovated by a Sawtry-based company.

The Church Hall had originally been the Board of Education school (established in 1870). It later became the Church Hall but was disposed of by the church in 1995 in favour of alterations to the church to provide much needed facilities there.

At the extreme northern end of the village is the Brookside Industrial Estate where the units house a wide variety of buinesses and services.

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