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Sawtry.net receives visitors from all over the world. Many folk have lived in the village and then jobs or personal circumstances have taken them away. Below are some of the latest people to be in touch.

Hello, my name is John Panoo I used to live in Sawtry. I'm just trying to find some old friends. I am 43 years old and left Sawtry in 1979. Contact John here.

My name is Denise Rust (Formerly Osborn) i am looking to find my old school friends, Teachers and neighbours when I lived in Sawtry on Green End Road. I went to Sawtry Village College during 1975 and 1980, my name was Denise Osborn, I look forward to hearing from some of my old friends or colleagues. 
 In the year 2000 a few of us got together and held a school reunion at Brampton Hut with Tina Alderman, Elizabeth Griffin, Rebecca ?, Pearl ?, and others,  this was the last contact I had,  it was very interesting to meet up and see what we had all done with our lives, and would love to do it again.

What happened to Barry Broderick, Margaret Berry, Rachel Farrington, Julie McGorman, Derek Alderman??????????????
 Please contact me at sisbigt@aol.com
 Many thanks

 Denise Rust


My name is Charles E. Abramson. I am trying to locate an Air Force buddy for a reunion, if you know or can put me in contact with William B. Gunn. Can you please contact me at montanaabe@mac.com

Many Thanks! - Abe

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